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All rental plans include:
Cell phone/s of your choice (subject to availability).
Phones come completely battery charged and
ready to use.
You get to choose the phone model you want on our rental quote request pages. We offer normal phones, flip phones and flip phones with cameras.
Spanish wall charger/s for recharging battery.
Clear instructions sheet in English for using our call services.
Low cost delivery/pickup of the phone. Please
see our delivery & return page for details.
Us and our expertise at the other end of the line
in case you need to call on us. I must say that this is a bonus that is worth the rental fee alone.
The above is the basic equipment included in all Spain cell phone rentals. Of course depending on the plan you choose (SINGLE, DUAL or GROUP rental), the amt. of items will vary. For example, a DUAL rental comes with 2 phones and 2 chargers.

We can also provide you accessories such as a car charger (pictured at left).

All rentals also include:

- FREE incoming calls from ANYWHERE in the world.
- 800 FREE airtime minutes to call back home to any phone in USA or Canada
  (80 minutes to Puerto Rico). You only pay the 53 cent connection fee on each call, the airtime is on us. See our calling rates page for more on this.
- Your phone # sent to you via e-mail up to 2 weeks before you leave home.
-   Low calling rates (national and international). See our calling rates page.
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