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Onspanishtime = our company.

NOTE: we do offer rental insurance but due to the replacement value of items, it is expensive. Rental insurance is $5 per phone and per day. You can request rental insurance as an add-on option when you filling a rental request form.

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Our rental conditions are very simple and straightforward. When you reserve and/or rent a cell phone or cell phones from us, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.
* You may reserve a phone as far in advance as you like but phone #/s will only be provided via e-mail up to 2 weeks max. ahead of delivery of the phone/s unless a special request is put in to receive the number sooner. Under normal circumstances, the phone number will be sent to you approx. 1 week prior to your departure for Spain. At the same time, your phone #/s is guaranteed to be sent to you via e-mail at least 1 days prior to your scheduled delivery date (with the condition that you have locked in your rental at least 1 week in advance). If you do not reserve at least 1 week in advance, we will still do our best to get you the phone number ahead of your departure and in 90% of the cases it is possible.
* In order to receive your phone # via e-mail in advance, the $100/phone security deposit must be paid ahead since your rental is not locked and and confirmed until we receive said security deposit. When you fill in and send a phone rental quote request, we will get back to you with a quote and said payment information.
* Reservations may be cancelled up to 3 days in advance for a full refund. Cancellations with fewer than 3 days (72 hours) advanced warning will result in a 50% loss of the total rental fee and initial prepaid calling and data credit. Furthermore, no-shows or rentals cancelled with fewer than 24 hours advanced notice will be charged IN FULL and will result in the loss of the rental fee & prepaid calling and data credit.
* All rental phones are delivered in perfect working order and in excellent to good physical shape and must be returned in same condition as when they are delivered and on the day that they are due. Normal wear and tear on the phone/s is acceptable but Onspanishtime reserves the final judgment on what is considered normal wear and tear. Any and all rental extensions must be requested by calling Onspanishtime at least 2 days before the original scheduled return date.
* In most cases, as long as the rental items are in the same condition as when they were delivered, we will refund your security deposit within 5 business days (Mon. through Fri.) of your last paid rental day as long as you return the items on that date. In some cases (rentals in which we need to send a courier to pick up the rental items) the security deposit may be delayed an additional 2 business days.

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* Loss of or damage to the rental cell phone/s and/or parts of the phone (back panel, battery, etc...) will result in partial loss of your $200 deposit.

Cell phone itself   $100  
Wall charger   $20  
Car charger   $20  
Back cover of phone   $20  
Cell phone battery   $20  
- The back cover of a cell phone is next to impossible to replace, hence the high replacement value.
- Please keep in mind that we honestly do NOT want your deposit and it only serves to guarantee
  the safe return of the rental phone/s no more and no less!
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