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Here are some general frequently asked questions about our services. Click on the questions and the answers will appear below.

Specific rental item related f.a.q. can be seen by clicking these links --> cell phone rental f.a.q. / smart phone rental f.a.q. / mobile internet rental f.a.q. / GPS rental f.a.q. / walkie talike rental f.a.q. / laptop rental f.a.q.

1. Are incoming calls really free with your cell phone rentals?

If we had a dollar for every time we have been asked this question, we would not have to rent phones for a living.

YES! ABSOLUTELY! POSITIVELY! WITHOUT A DOUBT! 100% FREE! As long as you are in Spain (islands included), you will NEVER be charged for an incoming phone call, no matter where it comes from. We can not stress this enough and no matter how many times we state it we always get people asking if it is really true. With our rental plans you do not have to worry and shake when your phone rings in fear of being charged for the call.


2. Can I leave the security deposit on a credit card?

YES. In fact we prefer it that way since we do not like to have cash lying around nor is it a good idea for you to travel with too much of it. When you reserve a rental you will see that there are steps to go through to make payment of the security deposit.

3. Do you have loss/damage insurance available?

We offer insurance on some items but not on others. Please see the specific f.a.q. sections inside of each product info section to see if their is insurance available for specific rental items. Also, if insurance is not available from us on the item you are interested in renting, if you have 3rd party travel insurance, they may cover the item so you should check with your insurance broker..

4. How do I pay for my rental?

The first step in reserving a phone rental is to fill in and send a rental quote request via our reservations page HERE. Once we receive the form, we will get you a quote for your rental and payment information so that you can pay for the rental and lock it in via our SECURE online credit card payment system.

5. Can I get my phone # before I leave home?

YES! This is one of the biggest advantages of our service. We will send you the phone # that you will have here via e-mail (maximum of 2 weeks in advance) when you reserve and pay for your rental online. keep in mind that in order to reserve a phone for you, payment of the refundable security deposit must be made via our secure server.

Also, in order to get your phone # before you depart for Spain you must reserve a phone at least 3 days in advance. We can not guarantee the sending of the phone # via e-mail if you do not reserve with 3 days advanced notice but will always do the best we can to make exceptions and get the # to you on last minute rentals.

6. Do I have to buy a SIM card as well?

NO. By no means. While other rental services make you buy a SIM card for Spain when you rent a phone from them, all of our rental items that require a SIM card INCLUDE THE SIM CARD as part of the rental. The SIM card is ours is returned to us at the end of the rental, still inside the rental item/s. SInce the SIM card is in the item when we deliver it and you do not need to buy one, you save approximately $50-$100 on a rental which is what a Spain SIM normally costs.

NOTE: by no means should you open the rental equipment (where the SIM card is installed) unless instructed to do so by a member of our team. Unless there is a technical problem with the item (eg. SIM not in contact with the metal connectors), there is NO REASON to open the item.

7. Can I pick up my rental item/s?

NO, we do not offer this service.

Our delivery and pick-up options are varied, flexible and very reasonably priced so you will have to choose one of them for delivery of your rental item.

8. Do you offer student and other educational discounts?


9. What if the phones or other rental items don't work or give problems?

It is our experience that normally any problems end up being due to human error (eg. you are not following the instructions we provide or are doing something wrong). If you have issues with any rental item of ours, you can call us (we have a local Spain support number) and we can resolve the problem if it is human error by troubleshooting to see what you may be doing wrong. If the problem ends up being with the equipment, we can get you a replacement item no matter where in Spain or Europe you may be. We provide excellent customer service.

10. Is the call reception clear on cell phone and smart phone rentals?

YES, CRYSTAL! Worth mentioning is that due to the fact that Spain is far more advanced technologcally with regards to cell networks than the USA and Canada, the call quality tends to be better when you call back home than it is when people from back home call you but call quality is also fine when they call you.

11. Are there any hidden charges or costs?


12. How can our family and friends back in USA/Canada call us on our rental phone and how much will it cost?

With our Spain cell phone and smart phone rentals, you wil have a Spanish cell phone number so anyone calling you from the USA or Canada will have to dial 01134 + the 9 digit number we assign to you. Since incoming calls are free to you, you will pay nothing for the call you receive from the USA or Canada. As for what the person calling you will pay, we have no idea, that is up to whatever rate their long distance carrier charges them for a call to a Spanish cell phone.
Please note: All prices on this web site are in $USD unless otherwise stated.
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