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Common sense should prevail" is our favorite phrase and the basis of our terms and conditions.

Inside of each rental item info section you will see a menu button like this --> . This is the button you will need to click on to read the conditions of each rental item. Said pages will state the rental conditions for that item and the replacement costs of each piece of equipment.

In general, we rent you the equipment and take a security deposit via credit card (amounts vary depending on the item to be rented). We expect the rental item/s to be returned in the same condition as when they were delivered. If they are not, you will lose part or all of your deposit. Pretty straightforward huh?

Take care of the items as if they were your own because basically they ARE YOURS for the duration of the rental. If you take care of the items and return them in good shape, there will be no problems.

It is a hassle for us to replace items so please realize that we DO NOT WANT YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT. We FAR prefer the safe return of our equipment.


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