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Some most frequently asked questions about our cell phone rentals. Click on the questions and the answers will appear below.

1. Are incoming calls really free?

YES! ABSOLUTELY! POSITIVELY! WITHOUT A DOUBT! 100% FREE! As long as you are in Spain (islands included), you will NEVER be charged for an incoming phone call, no matter where it comes from. We can not stress this enough and no matter how many times we state it we always get people asking if it is really true. With our rental plans you do not have to worry and shake when your phone rings in fear of being charged for the call.


2. How much will it cost me to call back to the USA or Canada?

Thanks to our unique special calling rates, you will pay just 53 Euro cents for each call up to an hour long back to the USA and/or Canada. All international (as well as national) calling rates are found on our calling rates page.

3. Can I leave the security deposit on a credit card?

YES. In fact we prefer it that way since we do not like to have cash lying around nor is it a good idea for you to travel with too much of it. When you reserve a rental you will see that there are steps to go through to make payment of the security deposit.

4. Do you have loss/damage insurance available?

YES but due to the replacement value of phones, it is expensive. Rental insurance is $4 ($6 for camera phones) per phone and per day. You can request rental insurance as an add-on option when you fill out a rental quote request form.

5. What if I do not use all the initial credit in the phone?

If you do not use the initial calling credit in the phone we cannot refund any calling credit so it is best to add too little than too much. We do not make any money on your calls so we cannot refund any either. Remember, it is easy to add more call credit if you run low or run out (see question 6 on this page) so we recommend you not order too much to start with.

6. How do I add more calling credit if I need it?

The phones work on prepaid calling credit via Vodafone Spain SIM cards (inside the phones) which can be easily added to at literally thousands of shops all over Spain. When you run low on prepaid call credit (under 5 Euros), the Vodafone system warns you with a voice message in both English and Spanish that your credit is about to expire. You simply add more credit at a credit reseller such as department stores, cell phone shops, post offices, grocery stores, gas stations, tabacos shops (where they sell stamps and cigarettes) and any number of other places. Most credit resellers will add the credit for you and you will receive a text message on the phone within 30 seconds telling you that the credit you added has been received on your phone. We provide detailed instructions on adding credit upon delivery of the phone/s.

7. Can I use the phone in other European countries?

YES. You can make calls in most European countries and the phones can receive calls in just about any country of the world. You will however be charged the outgoing international calling rates for receiving calls when you are outside of Spain (incoming calls are only FREE when you are in Spain).

If you take our phone/s to other European countries, you will be charged the following rates by Vodafone Spain for roaming...

- 60 Euro cents per minute for outgoing calls.  
- 30 Euro cents per minute for incoming calls.  
- A 35 Euro cent connection fee on ALL calls (in and out).  


- Since our phones are on the pay as you go (pre-pay) system, you need to be sure that  
  you have enough pre-paid credit in the phone/s to cover all of the calls you will make before leaving Spain since you cannot add calling credit outside of Spain.  
- The call quality outside of Spain cannot be guaranteed as you will depend upon roaming  
  networks for calls. The networks in some countries leave a lot to be desired.  
- The 800 FREE airtime minutes that we provide on all rentals to call back to the USA and  
  Canada CAN NOT be used when outside of Spain.  

8. Can I send and receive e-mails on the phone?

NO. The normal cell phones we rent can not receive nor send e-mail. If you require the phone to receive and send e-mail, please see our "Smart phone rentals" or "Mobile Internet Rentals" on the main menu above.

9. How do I pay for my rental?

The first step in reserving a phone rental is to fill in and send a rental quote request via our reservations page HERE. Once we receive the form, we will get you a quote for your rental and payment information so that you can pay for the rental and lock it in via our SECURE online credit card payment system where we accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX. We also accept PayPal.

10. How do people call me on my rental phone from back home?

It depends on the country they are dialing from. In general, they need to dial the code to get an outside line from the country they are in + 34 (Spain's country code) + your cell phone # (assigned by us). For example, if your cell # on the rental phone here is 656266844 and someone is calling you from the U.S.A., they would have to dial 01134656266844 to get through. The 011 is the code to get an outside line from the U.S.A. + the 34 which is Spain's country code and the cell #.

Please note that if people are calling you from within Spain, they simply dial the cell # (in this example 656266844) and there is no need for prefixes whatsoever. At any rate, all of this will be explained in our rental confirmation e-mail to you after you have locked in the rental.

11. How do I dial the U.S.A. or Canada from my rental cell phone?

Complete detailed instructions on calling back to the U.S.A. or Canada from your cell phone here will be provided upon delivery of the phone.

12. Can I get my phone # before I leave home?

YES! This is one of the biggest advantages of our service. We will send you the phone # that you will have here via e-mail (maximum of 2 weeks in advance) when you reserve and pay for your rental online. keep in mind that in order to reserve a phone for you, payment of the refundable security deposit must be made via our secure server.

Also, in order to get your phone # before you depart for Spain you must reserve a phone at least 3 days in advance. We can not guarantee the sending of the phone # via e-mail if you do not reserve with 5 days advanced notice but will always do the best we can to make exceptions and get the # to you on last minute rentals.

13. What will people back home who are calling me on my cell phone be charged?

WE HAVE NO IDEA! While the incoming call is FREE for you, it is ENTIRELY up to their long distance provider to let them know what the calling rates are to a cell phone in Spain. This has nothing to do with us nor our rental service. We can however tell you that with our super-low calling rates back to U.S.A. and Canada, it will be a LOT cheaper for you to call them than it will for them to call you.

14. Do I have to buy a SIM card as well?

NO. By no means. While other rental services make you buy a SIM card for Spain when you rent a phone from them, our phone rentals INCLUDE THE SIM CARD as part of the rental. The SIM card is ours is returned to us at the end of the rental, still inside the phone/s. SInce the SIM card is in the phone/s when we deliver it and you do not need to buy one, you save approximately $50-$60 on a rental which is what a Spain SIM normally costs.

NOTE: by no means should you open the back of the phone/s (where the SIM card is installed) unless instructed to do so by a member of our team. Unless there is a technical problem with the phone/s (eg. SIM not in contact with the metal connectors), there is NO REASON to open the back of a phone.

15. How do the cell phones in Spain work compared to in the U.S.A. and Canada?

In a nutshell, the cell phones here work on 2 systems, contract lines and prepaid calling credit. The line contract method requires that you have a Spanish bank account attached to the contract for payment purposes and their is a fixed monthly fee and the minimum contract is normally 18 months. The prepaid calling credit system on the other hand is the one that we use for our rentals and has no monthly fee and all you need to use it is... well nothing.

Each cell phone has a SIM card in it that is assigned a phone # and PIN (Personal Identification Number, for accessing it). The SIM card includes voicemail, SMS text messaging, etc... and works on a pay as you go system. You add calling credit in Euro amounts and are charged as you go along making calls (calling rates available on our calling rates page) which allows you to easily check the credit as you use the phone and control what you are spending.

With our service you will never get a whopper charge on your credit card for phone calls as you do with some rental services. This is also a great system because if you lose the phone, whoever finds it can not run up a phone bill on you, the worst they can do is spend the prepaid calling credit that you have in the phone at the time you lost it.

16. Can I pick up my rental phone/s?

NO, we do not offer this service.

Our delivery and pick-up options are varied, flexible and very reasonably priced so you will have to choose one of them for delivery of your rental phone/s.
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