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ABOUT Onspanishtime & OUR SERVICES.

Onspanishtime INC. is made up of a professional team of American and Canadians who began visiting Spain at the dawn of cellular telecom and internet in this country.

Company founder Jeremy Reines is an American who splits his time between the United States and Spain and every member of our team has been where you are going to be at some point, a visitor to Spain so we know exactly what your communications needs will be and what problems may arise.

This "in your shoes" experience provides us a unique vantage point to offer you the best services to stay in touch during your stay in Spain.

We began yearts ago with a stock of just 4 cell phones for rent and now have hundreds and have expanded our rental equipment to include smart phones, mobile internet devices, GPS, walkie talkies and even laptops with internet included.

While our main office is in Madrid, Spain, we also have branch offices in NYC and Los Angeles (U.S.A.) and London (U.K.) which allows us to better attend to all possible clients.

Our sister company spainSIM (www.spainSIM.com) was subsequently set up in 2003 to filll the increasing need for Spanish SIM cards (voice and data) by those clients who already have a European compatible, unlocked GSM phone or smart phone and simply want to get on the local Spain cell networks.

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