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We offer discounts on certain items and under certain conditions, please click the next to the discount you are interested in learning more about below.

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General discounts (return renter, etc...)


* RETURN RENTERS - All return renters (clients who have rented at least 1 item once before) will receive a 25% discount on the rental rate of their future rentals (no matter what rental item is being rented).

* NON-EDUCATIONAL RELATED GROUPS - We do offer discounts on rentals to groups that are not related to education. We offer a group cell phone or group smart phone rental.


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Educational discounts (student groups & teachers) & NGOs.


We are proud to offer discounts of up to 50% to student groups and teachers going to Spain as well as to some NGOs. The exact discount % depends upon the number of students and duration of the rental. Please e-mail us for more info.

NOTE: when you e-mail us, please give details of your situation and needs.


1) You are a group of 20 university students flying into Madrid, spending 2 weeks traveling around Spain and then leaving from Barcelona and you need 20 phones.

2) You are a group of 10 high school students flying in and out of Madrid and traveling around Spain for 1 week and you need 2 phones for the group leaders.

3) You are "Doctors without Frontiers" and are coming to a conference in Spain and need 5 cell phones for your team.


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Corporate & team discounts.


No matter what your corporate or team needs, we can handle it and at a discount as well. Our corporate and team discounts vary so please contact us with your needs.



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